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Bernadette Ernakovich Passap Books

In 1974, I bought a pink machine from a dealer in Pennsylvania who could not use it or even demonstrate it. The instruction manual was very inadequate, but for some reason, I had unlimited patience with it. Each time I became stuck, I left the machine to return to it later the same day or early the next morning because of an idea that came to mind that might be the reason for the problem. I credit the subconscious mind with working of the problem in my sleep. In this way I taught myself the mystery of machine knitting. After becoming a dealer in my home, I offered unlimited lessons to customers with instruction handouts out of which grew the spark for the books. A former English teacher, I enjoyed a new subject with concrete results. I kept my machine and yarn shop, becoming a distributor, and even adding a proper showroom to our house to get the yarn out of the guest shower until about 1989. About that time Passap in the US eliminated distributors and sold directly to dealers reducing my income. Getting tired of the “missionary” work, I returned to the English classroom, knit for my own pleasure, and finally got into quilting, thinking I would somehow combine the two arts Bernadette Ernakovich
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